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Kia Motors is a global automotive manufacturer, which means that it produces vehicles in many countries and sells them in many more. By being a global manufacturer and one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world, Kia Motors are producing technically advanced vehicles, highly rated for passenger safety by NCAP IIHS and NHTSA with many models leaders in their class on the JD Powers Index. Naturally this same high quality car sold in the USA and Europe is also sold in Jordan, however it may cost the Jordanian buyer 1 ¾ times more because of the higher taxes.
This makes us at National Arab Motors rise to the challenge of compensating our Jordanian Customer by providing him and her not only an equal service to that expected by the American and European Kia owners but also affordable prices for maintenance and parts throughout the customer’s experience with Kia.
Our journey together starts as soon as the customer walks into our showroom when we invite him or her to become our partner in the Kia Experience. An experience that is designed to make motoring a pleasure at all times. Our courteous and product knowledgeable sales staff facilitates an enlightened interaction that matches the customer’s wants with the most suitable vehicle from a wide range of models and features, simplifying an otherwise daunting major decision. Only because we are trained to understand and see the customer point of view does this moment of hesitation become a rewarding achievement to our partner, the customer.
Kia and National Arab Motors are offering their partners a five year warranty or 100,000Km on all models currently sold from their showrooms in Jordan. Such a warranty is not only an attestation of the confidence in Kia products but it is also an assurance to our partner of trouble free motoring.
All machinery require maintenance and sometime replacement of worn components or parts and of course serviceable parts; vehicles are more in need of attention because of the nature of application and so it is inevitable that a car owner needs to visit the service center. At Kia Jordan we realize that bringing a vehicle to the Service Center is not a favorite pastime for any owner, so we try our best to make it at least a comfortable if not an enjoyable experience. Our waiting lounge is comfortable and spacious, well lit with the right temperature summer or winter, free wireless internet connection is readily available to all, large TV screen and a variety of magazines are facilitated as well as beverage dispensers. Our well trained reception staff and Service Advisors are there with a smile for any assistance. Our staff are graduate of Kia Service Academy, trained to be at your service by following the well structured Kia international system thus ensuring professional and exact service. Our technical staff are graded and certified by Kia after enrolling in extensive technical courses and passing rigorous ranking exams thus assuring you, our valued partner, of a technical aptitude equal to any Kia Service outlet anywhere in the world. To ensure that our level of service is always consistent and to the high professional standard we aspire to, we have documented all the procedures that govern our daily work and obtained ISO 9001 certification by world renowned DNV.
We invite you to become our partner and live the Kia Experience, an exciting and enabling one that you will always wonder how did you ever manage without!
Kia Motors current slogan is the “Power to Surprise”; indeed its products are a pleasant surprise as the new owner of a Kia discovers that she or he won more than bargained for. We at National Arab Motors (NAM) extend the slogan for the buying experience as well as the ownership experience. Our slogan complements that of Kia by striving “To Make the Motoring Experience a Pleasurable One to All”.
With “all” we naturally mean our customer but also include our internal customer – our staff members.
As professionals, we draw pleasure from our jobs and by aiming to make our purpose the highest standard in the industry we are confident in delivering a service beyond the expectation of our customer.
I on behalf of all of us at NAM invite you to join the Kia experience and we welcome you in your first step of your journey, browsing our website; we also recommend that you link to Kia’s main website www.kiamotors.com ; and certainly we look forward to see you at our main showroom, 243 Mecca Street. If you are already a Kia owner we invite you to book your vehicle’s next maintenance on this website, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
May we also add that we at NAM strongly believe in continuous development and one of the best tools to develop in the right direction comes from your comments, recommendations and opinions; please do not hesitate to use this website or any of our addresses to make us hear your voice. We thank you in anticipation.


Nihad Zacharia
Vice Chairman