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MOVE is the name of our sustainability report.
It means a move to make a positive difference in the world through cars.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2015 #2 thumnail

Sustainability Report 2015 #2

The core values comprise the code of conduct for employees and the organization at large. They also represent the corporate culture we strive for and the promise we make to ourselves and stakeholders. We become one by sharing the same values and applying them consistently in our decision making processes. Kia Motors will tackle challenges head on through mutual cooperation and respect while fulfilling our pledgesand embracing talent and diversity to build a distinct corporate culture. In 2011, Hyundai Motor Group established a new corporate vision: 'Respecting people and practicing environmental management to maximize value creation and pursue balanced and shared growth with stakeholders.' All subsidiaries will cooperate to fulfill this vision and turn Hyundai Motor Group into a top-tier global automotive group that provides customers with new value. With the greater value we create by pooling our competencies, we will strengthen the soundness of partner firms and local communities while contributing to the sustainability of humankind.

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